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-wh0cd43488 <a href=http://sildenafilnorx.us.com/&gt;SILDENAFIL CITRATE<;/a&gt<;a href=http://propecianorx.us.com/>Propecia NO RX</a> +I was going to watch the game today but Mothers day stuff got moved up Missed the game Sounds like I got lucky  Bad enough to get eliminated sooner than expected, but far worse to embarass themselves like it sounds they did.At least I/we can still look back with great fondness for the last few years, and for Ph#2&amp;i8l17;s entire run in LA.  We as Laker fans are *exremely* lucky to root for team with as much success as LA has had.  Most fans aren&amp;#8217;t nearly so fortunate.
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